2 years

Starting Date


Tuition Fee

2,499 €


Venice, Italy

About the programme

Do you want to work in the management of artistic heritage and cultural activities? This programme trains you to understand the nature and processes of cultural production, interconnecting the professional worlds of management and culture and exploring the evolution of the national, European and global artistic and cultural panorama. The programme’s lectures, teaching approach and structure equip you to identify and exploit new connections between culture and business. You can also get work experience before graduation thanks to the degree’s curricular internship, which you can carry out in Italy or abroad.

Career opportunities

As a graduate, you’ll be ready to pursue a career as a manager responsible for the planning and organisation of cultural activities and events with companies, cultural institutions and government agencies. Possible career opportunities await you in the following fields:

  • Cultural projects management
  • Conservation and enhancement of the arts
  • Communications
  • Arts management
  • Economic consulting

Programme structure

This two-year programme integrates expertise, research methodologies and professional approaches from the humanities and the economic and managerial sectors. You can choose to study in either English or Italian, and you are encouraged to carry out a study period abroad. Thanks to a curricular internship, you acquire work experience before completing your studies. Some of the course work covers:

  • Restoration techniques for cultural artefacts
  • Management and marketing organisations
  • Project management
  • Arts economic
  • International law for arts
  • Contemporary art
  • Elements of theatre and live arts production
  • Museology & public spaces architecture
  • Government of cultural organisations
  • Cinema and photography

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