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Venice, Italy

About the programme

The course, already in the choice of the English language, aims to be attractive for international students of high level, who at Ca’ Foscari will be formed to be competitive both for the market and for the most advanced international research.

The aim of the Master’s Degree in Engineering Physics is to train a modern and cosmopolitan professional figure suitable for tackling issues pertaining to advanced technologies, be they related to quantum physics and matter physics, and to the sciences of complexity, with knowledge of advanced computer science and electronics also in areas such as biophysics and biomedicine, and social sciences such as economics and finance.

Career opportunities

Depending on the curriculum you choose, this degree programme prepares you either to continue on an academic path with doctoral studies in physics, the biosciences, or finance, or launch a professional career. Some of the most popular professions include:

  • IT and business consultancy professionals
  • Managerial or technical roles in R&D and/or production at microelectronics and automation companies
  • Managerial or technical roles in R&D and/or production at biomedical companies
  • Data scientists at high-tech companies and research institutes
  • Data analyst at investment banks
  • Research scientist in scientific, medical or financial research centres

Programme structure

This programme offers three innovative curricula in the fields of modern physics and engineering and the science of complex systems. All three curricula are pioneering, offering an educational experience not yet available elsewhere, and they are designed to shape the next generation of academics and professionals capable of tackling the challenges of the twenty-first century.

  • The curriculum in Quantum Science and Technology trains you to be an expert in the fields of modern physics, computer science, electronics and telecommunication systems, preparing you for a career at a high-tech company or research institute.
  • The curriculum focusing on the Physics of Finance and Economics is offered in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari’s Department of Economics. It will make you an expert with both a strong physics background and the ability to apply this background in the fields of sustainable finance and economics.
  • The Physics of the Brain curriculum is carried out in collaboration with the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati, or SISSA), where part of your training takes place. This curriculum is designed to allow you to apply a strong training in physics to the study of the human brain by equipping you with expertise in the use of experimental and theoretical tools for the investigation of any biological systems. The toolkit you acquire prepares you to work at companies and research institutes focusing on biomedical applications, and upon completing your studies, you receive not only your master’s degree diploma, but also a diploma issued by the SISSA.

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