2 years

Starting Date


Tuition Fee

from 700 € 2,157 € based on nationality


Scientific Campus in Mestre

About the programme

This programme provides you with an elevated qualification and specialisation in the following fields:

  • the application of investigative methodologies and the design of recovery operations and environmental rehabilitation;
  • the evaluation of environmental resources;
  • the regional management and planning of coastal marine systems;
  • the evaluation and management of climate change issues and the dynamics of the Earth system as well as environmental interest technologies and cleaner products and processes.

The programme incorporates both laboratory and field experiments of an interdisciplinary nature and offers international internship opportunities. You also produce a final thesis.

Career opportunities

As a graduate, you will be a highly qualified specialist capable of tackling the prevention, diagnosis and resolution of environmental issues thanks to the multi-disciplinary skill set with which this programme will have equipped you. You will be ready to assume a position of responsibility in project and facilities management, and some possible career paths include:

  • Environmental change expert
  • Agriculture and forestry management expert
  • Geologist
  • Biologist
  • Botanist
  • Ecologist
  • Zoologist

Programme structure

Through a broad range of lectures and laboratories held both on the university campus and in the field, the programme’s study plan prepares you to be a professional capable of working in the prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, management and/or resolution of environmental problems, whether locally, nationally or globally.

The programme offers you three paths, or curricula, to choose from:

  • Global Change and Sustainability (fully taught in English)
  • Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services (taught in Italian)
  • Monitoring and Environmental Rehabilitation (taught in Italian)

The English-taught curriculum dedicated to Global Change and Sustainability focuses on preparing you to analyse major changes on a global scale, with particular reference to climate change. The programme combines bio-ecological, oceanographic, climatological, paleo-climatic, socio-economic aspects and statistical analysis and environmental modelling tools, providing an integrated interpretation of the reality of the global changes taking place during the current geological age. Thanks to this approach, you acquire the tools you need to predict and evaluate future scenarios of change as well as plan actions designed to mitigate impact.

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