3 years

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Tuition Fee

6,601 €


Venice, Italy

About the programme

This innovative degree is designed to help you launch a career in the field of hospitality and tourism. To achieve this, it equips you with the cutting-edge skill set and knowledge required to take on a managerial role in the hospitality industry while also familiarising you with the phenomena of digital transformation and sustainability in relation to the tourism sector. The study plan is calibrated to ensure that you acquire a nuanced understanding of the complex phenomenon of tourism from a variety of complementary perspectives by exploring it through social, economic, cultural, anthropological and environmental lenses.

What makes this degree particularly special is that it is offered through the Scuola Italiana di Ospitalità (Italian School of Hospitality), which partners Ca’ Foscari with the Italian hospitality company TH Resorts. This university–private sector partnership is designed to expose you to real-world contexts and dynamics throughout your degree in order to provide an invaluable springboard for the launch of your managerial career: almost a third of your university credits are earned through professional internships in hospitality-related contexts and businesses, so during your studies you already get tangible work experience and begin to create a professional network.

While graduates of the degree are able to proceed with their university studies at the master’s level, the programme is designed for students who want to jump into the working world at the middle management level immediately after having concluded their undergraduate studies.

Career Opportunities

Once you graduate, you will have the preparation you need to assume operational, managerial or consultancy roles in a wide range of contexts within the hospitality and tourism sectors both in Italy and abroad. You will be ready to forge a professional career at modern tourism companies and hotels in all of their departments (e.g., Marketing, Information and Communication Technologies, Food and Beverage, Guest Relations, Events Planning and Management) as well as at destination-management organisations and public bodies connected with tourism.

Programme structure

Some of the areas of study covered by the programme’s course work include:

  • Cross-cultural Communication, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Data Analysis for Tourism
  • Geography for Tourism Destinations
  • Human Resource Management for the Hospitality Industry
  • Tourism Economics and Sustainability
  • Storytelling for Hospitality
  • English for Tourism and Business

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